Our gym is only as good as our coaches. Each of our staff members are trained, certified and specialized to teach their programs. For more information on our team, check out their biographies below.


Our mission it to build a strong, healthy and safe community through our portfolio of fitness programs. Lakeway Elite Fitness is a licensee of Krav Maga WorldWide, a licensee affiliate of Crossfit Inc., and a licensee of Crossfit Kids


“I love working out here! The instructors are amazing, very knowledgeable- I look forward to my workouts... Did I just write that?! Me? Punching and kicking ?! But they make it fun and challenging! Harry and his staff bring out the best in all!

Who We Are

Lakeway Elite Fitness was established in 2005 with the purpose of providing excellence in fitness, self defense and wellness by offering elite customer service and personal care.

Our mission it to build a strong, healthy and safe community through our portfolio of fitness programs. Lakeway Elite Fitness is a Licensee of Krav Maga WorldWide, a licensee affiliate of Crossfit Inc., and a licensee of Crossfit Kids.



Harry is plain and simple a people’s person. He loves interacting with everyone in a personal level, which makes his coaching quite unique.  He genuinely cares for each and everyone person that he comes in contact with.  Positive, happy and encouraging are some words that describe him. Always eager to lend a hand, an ear and a good pep talk.  Harry was always involved in sports and martial arts. He played basketball in high school and college.  He earned red/black stripe in both Tae Kwon Do and Shotokan.

Fully bilingual in Spanish(his native language). He has the privilege to be one of 20 active Krav Maga 3rd Degree Black Belts in the World. He trains our Local Police Departments (Bee Cave and Lakeway) on defensive Tactics. He is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Power Athlete Block ONE Coach, a CrossFit Coach, a Kettlebell and Strongman Coach,  Personal Trainer.

He is available for private training at your request. Give him a call, you won't regret it.



I wish I could take all my current experience and wisdom and put it back into my 30 something body. I do think it is possible to a degree… but you have to want that…. You can’t sit on the couch, living vicariously through social media or TV all while drinking your martini expecting it to be that way, BUT you can get OFF the couch and stop eating like a teenager and make it happen. You can do that now. You can extend the quality of your life for the next 25 to 50 years if you so desire.  NO.. it doesn’t matter if you think (or you DO) have injuries or physical problems that complicate physical training. It's only complicated because you don't know how.  I do know how, and I CAN help.  You CAN return to the best version of yourself at any age. AT ANY AGE!!

"I'm a teacher.  My passion is to impart knowledge. I believe that everyone should be able to move well and live well. 

You don't have to be a slave to your diet or training regimen.  My mission is to teach everyone to live sustainably with their physical and compositional goals!

I am 49 years old, a wife, a mother of three, and put on earth to help my world and community live well.



Ashley is a mom of five and has been married to her husband Jeremy for nineteen years. Her first priority is setting an example of a healthy lifestyle for her family. Ashley started CrossFit back in 2012, and in 2017, she wanted to pursue further education about fitness and CrossFit specifically. She loves coaching at CrossFit Lakeway because not only does CrossFit Lakeway help people to pursue their fitness and health goals, but CrossFit Lakeway has an incredible community of people.

She believes the CrossFit community is what encourages clients to keep coming back, getting better, and applying what they learn in CrossFit to their everyday lifestyle.



I grew up being a multi-sport athlete in cross country, wrestling, track & field, and mountain biking.  After high school I joined the military and became a Reconnaissance Marine.  After four years I decided to go back to school and graduated with a BS in Nutrition and Foods.

My short-term goals are to get my masters degree in nutrition and become a dietitian. My long-term goals are to start my own health and wellness business that focuses on nutrition, exercise, and mentality.

I have been coaching Cross-Fit for five years, and I can see myself coaching for the rest of my life. As a coach,  I want to make your time training enjoyable while maintaining safety through proper technique.  I believe in leading by example and strive to inspire you all to be the best versions of yourself.

Outside of my professional life I love to play videogames and be outdoors. I like discussing ethical questions and I am that annoying person who loves to play devil’s advocate to everything.  You can always catch me reading or listening to a podcast so please send me your recommendations.

Casey Stein


In 2002, my 3-year-old daughter said to me: “Daddy, you’re fat!” I realized she was right. I decided to change right then. I started running the next day. Over the next 6 years I proceeded to spend TONS of time running, riding and swimming. I ran a half-marathon, a full marathon, a half-Ironman triathlon and a couple of Olympic-distance triathlons.

Riding my bike home from work, I was hit by a drunk driver. The crash broke my collar-bone, herniated one of my discs and caused multiple abrasions. While healing, I stumbled across CrossFit on the Internet. I decided that it was what I needed to be doing.

In March 2008 I ran across CrossFit Snohomish. I started training there and haven’t looked back since. I believe that CrossFit isn’t just a bunch of random workouts, but is a way of life. Doing CrossFit has made me significantly stronger both physically and mentally. I now realize I can do anything I set my mind to. As a trainer my goal is to help other people come to the same realization.



Jessica is a Crossfit junkie, yoga teacher, and dog mom to 3 French bulldogs! She enjoys traveling, spicy foods, charcuterie, and empowering people to live life as their highest self! She found yoga in her early twenties and is passionate about the life-changing experience yoga can open up for people. She is zestful, passionate, and eager to share her knowledge with her students. Jessica fell in love with yoga because it taught her self empowerment and gave her the courage to stand in her own power.

She continues to grow as a student as well as a teacher on and off her yoga mat. Jessica encourages her students to find inner strength and empowerment. Her teaching demonstrates the importance of perseverance and propelling forward both mentally and physically. She strives to motivate students to be true to themselves and take what they learn on their mat into their everyday life.

See you on the mat!

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