Our gym is only as good as our coaches. Each of our staff members are trained, certified and specialized to teach their programs. For more information on our team, check out their biographies below.


Our mission it to build a strong, healthy and safe community through our portfolio of fitness programs. Lakeway Elite Fitness is a licensee of Krav Maga WorldWide, a licensee affiliate of Crossfit Inc., and a licensee of Crossfit Kids


“I love working out here! The instructors are amazing, very knowledgeable- I look forward to my workouts... Did I just write that?! Me? Punching and kicking ?! But they make it fun and challenging! Harry and his staff bring out the best in all!

Who We Are

Lakeway Elite Fitness was established in 2005 with the purpose of providing excellence in fitness, self defense and wellness by offering elite customer service and personal care.

Our mission it to build a strong, healthy and safe community through our portfolio of fitness programs. Lakeway Elite Fitness is a Licensee of Krav Maga WorldWide, a licensee affiliate of Crossfit Inc., and a licensee of Crossfit Kids.



Harry is plain and simple a people’s person. He loves interacting with everyone in a personal level, which makes his coaching quite unique.  He genuinely cares for each and everyone person that he comes in contact with.  Positive, happy and encouraging are some words that describe him. Always eager to lend a hand, an ear and a good pep talk.  Harry was always involved in sports and martial arts. He played basketball in high school and college.  He earned red/black stripe in both Tae Kwon Do and Shotokan.

Fully bilingual in Spanish(his native language). He has the privilege to be one of 20 active Krav Maga 3rd Degree Black Belts in the World. He trains our Local Police Departments (Bee Cave and Lakeway) on defensive Tactics. He is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Power Athlete Block ONE Coach, a CrossFit Coach, a Kettlebell and Strongman Coach,  Personal Trainer.

He is available for private training at your request. Give him a call, you won't regret it.



Movement to me is the exploration of time and space, a beautiful ability to encounter our surroundings and being able to respond. The fascination to move began early on in childhood. Many of my early days were spent chasing the sun, building tree houses and jumping over the fence to play with neighborhood friends.
As I grew up I began my journey into a more disciplined form of movement through martial arts. Through Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga, the foundation was set for me to tackle challenges and push my limits beyond what I thought they could stretch. I enjoyed both so much that I decided to start teaching. Through teaching I found a greater freedom to explore the different facets of what we are capable of doing as humans. I truly enjoy interacting with students and friends who are aiming to make a positive impact in their lives.
Now a days, you can still find me chasing the sun (and the wind) sailing in Lake Travis, hiking, climbing trees and doing anything else that satisfies my childlike curiosity.



Ashley is a mom of five and has been married to her husband Jeremy for nineteen years. Her first priority is setting an example of a healthy lifestyle for her family. Ashley started CrossFit back in 2012, and in 2017, she wanted to pursue further education about fitness and CrossFit specifically. She loves coaching at CrossFit Lakeway because not only does CrossFit Lakeway help people to pursue their fitness and health goals, but CrossFit Lakeway has an incredible community of people.

She believes the CrossFit community is what encourages clients to keep coming back, getting better, and applying what they learn in CrossFit to their everyday lifestyle.



In the Military, I found my love for CrossFit. I was a Reconnaissance Marine and we did exhaustive fieldwork. We would have to go on long missions carrying a ruck of 80lb through all types of terrain. Sometimes we’d have to swim with that ruck to shore in the middle of the night. There was never a mission where we truly new what we were going to encounter.

I fell in love with CrossFit because it was the only thing truly able to prepare me for the rigors of our unknown missions. Our community focused heavily on strong swimming, distance runs/rucks and strength. We often combined them into one workout making hard days to prepare us for the unknown.

I had always wanted to get my CrossFit Level 1 Certification and after getting out of the militarI finally did April 2015. I love being able to help people with CrossFit because like me, I want them to be prepared for what ever life challenges them with both physically and mentally.



Debbie had been searching for a challenging workout that would not leave her bored and deflated. She found Krav Maga and Crossfit in 2011 while training for a mud run and was hooked.

She fell in love with the sense of empowerment, encouragement and community that defines Lakeway Elite Fitness. She was so inspired by her coaches and the people around her, she became a coach herself.

She loves to help people push through their reservations and self-doubts - watch them give it all they have – and then smile in the aftermath. Her goal is to help instill that level of empowerment and sense of accomplishment to athletes of all sizes and abilities.

Debbie’s favorite part of Lakeway Elite Fitness is the sense of community, more like family, that is felt within the gym. “It’s not just a place to workout – it’s a family. We feel each other’s pain and we feel each others joy! And we are ALWAYS there to support and encourage each other!”



Nicola is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer & CrossFit Kids trainer and is coach for our 8 through teens class. Nicola enjoys developing the kids and teens within her classes and helping them with their achievements whether it’s their first pull-up or improving their minutes per mile for their track team.

Nicola has also completed her CrossFit Mobility and CrossFit Football courses, through this Nicola has developed a passion for strength and conditioning while doing the upmost to improve clients mobility, and incorporates this into all her classes.

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