Constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity

CROSSFIT  is the most time-efficient workout you’ve ever seen. This double espresso of a cross-training regimen is comprised of constantly varied, functional  movements,performed at relatively high intensity, clocking it all with a stopwatch.

CrossFit is a complete strength and conditioning program for the entire body. The “cardio” & “core” training is built in.

CrossFit Elements

Practical Training to Excel

To properly prepare you for CrossFit classes and to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, you are required to take our CrossFit Elements class before starting our CrossFit programs.

The CrossFit Elements is a 2 hour practical training class, with a low student per instructor ratio to make sure you get highly personalized instruction.

Our elements class teaches you the in’s and outs of our skills and how we affect performance and athleticism with programing to improve your overall fitness and performance!

Elements Movements

Part 1

CrossFit Elements

  • Pull-Push
  • Hinge-Squat

  • Lunge-Step Up

  • Olympic lifts: Clean/Snatch/Jerk

Part 2

CrossFit Elements

  • Running

  • Rowing

  • Assault Bike Technique

  • Splash of Nutrition

Community Workout

Every Saturday Always Free!

Every Saturday at 9:30 we open our doors to the community to join us for a free workout! Our goal is to give you a great workout in a fun environment under the watchful eye of our coaching staff. The workout is designed to be accessible to everyone no matter your level of fitness.

We help, instruct and encourage you the whole way. Join Us!

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