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Repair, Restore & Maintain

Our motto is Repair, Restore and Maintain. We are here to get you back to factory settings and to improve your engine and system.

This program is an individualized approach to fitness that provides an opportunity for wellness. This program is not a high intensity workout. There will not be Olympic Lifting or PowerLifting in this class.

You will need an official MyZone Heart Rate Monitor to participate in this class. Don't worry we got you covered!

Get Moving!

Strap on your MyZone Heart Rate Monitor

The Body Shop uses the MYZONE heart rate monitor. We use it because it gives immediate feedback on what’s happening during your workout—it. Better yet it provides a detailed history of your workouts accessible to you, and us your trainers.

Being aware of your heart’s response to exercise, MYZONE allows us to tailor exercise intensity based on your goals. As a result, you become a smarter exerciser and achieve your goals!

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